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Knitting for Profit

The Secrets of Knitting for Profit - Liz Raad

'Hmmm,' I mused when I found this book. 'I wonder if it does what it says on the tin?'
I've been toying with earning something from my passion for knitting for a while, but was struggling with the thought that I just would not be able to compete in today's markets and cover the labour costs of hand knitting.

Well I bought the book for a look-see and discovered Liz had very cleverly divided prospective knitters for profit into five different strategies. This alone made the book worth it, for I could see that I had been mixing my strategies and thus losing potential. Each category could knit for profit but it was important to focus; especially in the early stages. Here, immediately, I had a game plan. Each strategy comes with suggestions, ideas, testimonials and first moves.
Having come from a small business background Raad is able to go through the basic business principles which are so easy to miss when turning knitting as a hobby into knitting for profit. Templates are provided and great links for building up an enterprise whether it be a small business or one with larger aspirations.

The book comes with an after care service, which can be used if you wish, and a neat little set up for working out profit margins as well as advice on how to charge for your work. What is really useful is the de-mystification she takes us through in the setting up of a business.
Though the advice could be seen as basic, for the price, it is a bargain, for it provides the opportunity to not only structure your business, but also your thinking and focus.

Watch this space to see if I decide to make a go of it!
You can reach Knitting for Profit here and decide for yourself.

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