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Homemade wind turbine

Windplans - Les and Jane Oke

The Oke family have written five books. The most popular is the Windplans book - the range also includes guides on building your own electric car, creating biodiesel, and making solar panels.
Each member of the Oke clan, (Les, Jane, two sons and a daughter), has a role to play in their business of building their own sustainable home and disseminating the information for others. After hey had built their home powered with wind power and solar energy, they turned their minds to alternative solutions for their transport and generators. Formerly they publisht Off Grid Living Magazine before reaching wider audiences through their books.
The books describe how any family can become involved with and participate in the process of going green. They are grounded guides in many of the areas of sustainable living that most people would want to get started with.
And best of all the process will provide rewards far greater than the core purpose of creating homemade power; whether it be your own wind generator or solar power system. Any family can learn in a fun and creative way about our society's power usage and application, gaining resources that will stay with them for their lifetime.

Visit the Off Grid Living site to purchase their book.

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