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Homemade wind turbines

Wind Power and Battery Systems - Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis is enthusiastic about making junk work for him. After hours of tinkering and experimenting he has become an expert in the field of homemade wind turbines and all things associated with them.
This summer 2009 he has a great Summer Offer going where you can purchase Wind Power and Battery Systems and get 3 books free: Poor Man's Guide to Welding with Batteries; Do it yourself Grid Tie; and Poor Man's Guide to Homemade Amp meters.
His offerings don't stop there - you can download a free Poor Man's guide to Solar Hot Water; purchase a DC Motor Analyzer; and you get a Shunt Designer program with the Homemade Amp Meters book.
His books take you simply through the motions required to make your own home wind turbine. Right at the start he will warn you of what to take car with and then gets to the business. The business is: you can build a wind turbine for very little money.
Lewis' easy-reading writing style takes us by the hand through all the decisions that have to be made, and how to make them. You will need to assess the efficiency of your energy usage as well as youyr local mean wind speed - these will have a bearing on the size of your turbine. The book is US/Canada based and links are included to calculate your local wind speed. If you are from the UK BWEA supply a UK Wind Speed Database to give you a head start. I currently live in East Anglia where we the wind is roughly 5.9 m/s (meters per second), (about 13 mph (miles per hour)).
Lewis considers both 1,000 or 3,000 watt wind turbine construction ... with a little maths, which Lewis helps with, you will be well on your way with your project. A 1,000 watt wind turbine will cost in the region of $150; a3,000 watt wind turbine will be slightly more.
Because Lewis loves working with materials that can be found for free, he is able to give many very useful hints and tips for where to find your raw materials for nothing or very cheaply. As well as how well they will serve your design. He even thoroughly investigates sourcing and maintaining batteries: where to get a battery gratis; and how to de-sulfate and prepare it for its new role. And this information is of course transferable - you could then apply it to many new ideas.
Even better, he gives after-care service too - with a forum where he will readily answer questions about the business of batteries or whatever and a blog which is updated 5 days a weeek (better than I manage!) with fascinating news on his current experiments. These guides come from someone who has been there - done it and is still doing it. They are readable and down to earth. Well worth the purchase.

The following link will take you to the Poor Man's Guides site where you can purchase Poor Man's Guide to Wind Power

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