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World's Best Compost

The World's Best Compost - Rod Turner

Compost is about recycling – recycling in the best format – there’s no miles of transportation or machinery required to break it down; it’s straight from waste to nutrient.
This book is about colloidal compost ... new to me when I came across it. It is a system developed by Alex Podolinsky, the head of the Australian Biodynamic Agricultural Association.

Turner describes the advantages of colloidal compost over feeding plants with chemical or raw organic fertilisers, his remit being that if the fertiliser is water soluble the plant cannot utilise its natural feeding methods and suffers as a consequence. He says that as plants use different mechanisms to feed and to drink, the only natural way to fertilise plants is through colloidal humus – its quality being its ability to retain water whilst resisting run-off of nutrients which can occur in organic compost.

He describes exactly how to build your heap with the option of adding six biodynamic preparations, which are not absolutely essential but helpful if you have access to them. Best of all there is very little labour involved in this compost making.

As someone who enjoys the garden I was fascinated to read this book and am intrigued to try out the method. Three big extras come with this book – Wonder Plants and Plant Wonders by A Hyatt Verrill (1871-1954) which is full of astonishing information on the world of plants; The Principles and Practice of Pruning by M G Kains (c1912-1940) whose books on small holdings and organic gardening are still classics and popular today; and Professional Secrets to Stunning Azaleas by Rod Turner – the title says it all.

All in all, an absorbing collection of books and a good starting point to make a great garden!

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