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Earthpeace and wool? Yes indeed.
Knitting is known to be therapeutic; focusing the mind on numbers and creativity. It can quieten anxiety and help to delay dementia.
Knitting is not the only use that wool can be put to. In Mongolian Gers / Yurts it is traditionally felted into great blanket coverings for the nomadic dwellings and more recently in modern day eco-homes for cavity wall insulation. There's a super video to view on You Tube showing the making of Ger felt.
Cut and come again, wool from sheep, alpaca, angoran rabbit or cashmere goat, is a perfect renewable resource that is as sustainable as it is versatile and insulating.
So long as we have the animals, their wool will be available. Sure, there are synthetics and there are some uses that are enhanced by the use of a little nylon such as in socks. But, by and large, wool does not need the introduction of fossil oil in its makeup - which is just as well - for when the oil runs out, wool will still be with us.
Wool gives us peace of mind and the peace of that essential to survival - warmth.

These days there is a knitting revival, new yarns are coming onto the market - try bamboo or wire for example. Any knitter will be delighted by the seduction of beautiful colour and sumptuous textures with which to play. Check out which has fast become the knitter's paradise - a place to show off creations and to gain inspiration.


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